Native Title & Heritage

Advice in the areas of Native Title and Heritage
Our specialty... facilitating collaborative Native Title Relationships)

Native Title

Building harmonious relationships between miners and the traditional owners in your area enabling smoother transitions from exploration to mining.

We believe that having an understanding of indigenous culture and beliefs can bring about positive relationships between all parties. We facilitate Cultural Training Awareness Seminars   run by traditional owners sharing stories of their country. These sessions have been very well received by those attending (managing directors, engineers, geologists, field assistants and others involved in the mining industry).

Facilitation of heritage protocols between the explorer and the local traditional owner groups, including any requirement for Aboriginal Heritage Act section 16  & Aboriginal Heritage Act section18;  approvals under the Aboriginal Heritage Act is important. We provide advice on navigating the approvals through the heritage process, as well as the native title process. See also: AHA Due Diligence Guidelines

Many Native Title Agreements now contain clauses relating to providing employment opportunities for indigenous members of the claimant groups. Our training provider has an excellent track record in retention of indigenous people on the courses they run for the mining industry. By sponsoring a few people through this process you get to meet some of your requirements and have job ready employees who already live in the area you want to mine. Being involved in this process is a very rewarding experience and a win/win for all.

GETS has great local knowledge and together we can help you transition through the negotiation process in a harmonious way and Get You Mining Sooner.