Ground Acquisition and Application for Tenure

Timeframes, documentation, process and agreements are now substantially more complex. Our knowledge of the Department of Mines and Petroleum helps us to prepare documents to maximise effectiveness whilst insuring compliance.

Knowledge of working with Federal and State Politicians and local councils means that you get timely advice moving your projects forward. We maximise your process using EXPWATCH, MT Audit and Dynamic Design Database  to track your activities and expenditure, and keep your tenements in compliance.

Mining Rehabilitation Flow Chart | GETS

Mining Rehabilitation Fund

Currently, all Mining Act tenement holders are required to fund bonds as security to ensure that they fulfill their environmental obligations. The Rehabilitation Fund is a pooled fund contributed to by Western Australian mining operators. The Mining Rehabilitation Fund Act 2012 provides the framework for the Fund.

Money in the Fund will be available to fund rehabilitation of abandoned mines in the State. Interest earned on Fund contributions will be able to be spent on the rehabilitation of legacy abandoned mines.

This model has a number of disadvantages, including tying up significant funds for operators during the initial exploration stages and restricting the use of the bond money to the particular mine for which the security is held, rather than addressing the legacy problem of abandoned mines.

We at GETS can help guide you through this process.