Government Relations

GETS offers clients experience in working with multiple jurisdictions & their mining codes, in Australia & internationaly. Most recently in Mauritania, West Africa & Papua New Guinea.

Local, State and Federal


Gets extensive knowledge can help you secure your tenure

When Exploring Overseas

With staff fluent in French and Italian, we understand foreign mining codes, which may be written in another language, country requirements and how to interpret the mining codes, so that we can advise our clients how to stay in compliance.

Advising you on country specific complexities ranging from ground conditions and limited infrastructure to extreme temperatures that can lock you out of the field for six months of the year and site access issues. Assisting you in structuring a program of works lodged in a timely manner with these types of considerations factored in.

Understanding currencies and forms of payment accepted by African Government Departments.

Assistance with working office hours in different time zones. When and which government offices might be open, and when public holidays, religious and/or cultural holidays might impact your work flow.

Help to build solid relationships with African government bodies and our clients.

We have strategic alliances with trusted senior government contacts in Bukina Faso, Zambia & Sierra Leone as advisors on the ground.

Providing assistance in building community capacity to strengthen local links and introductions to mining training programs.