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With staff fluent in French and Italian, we understand foreign mining codes, which may be written in another language, country requirements and how to interpret the mining codes, so that we can advise our clients how to stay in compliance.

GETS can inform you of country specific complexities ranging from ground conditions, limited infrastructure & extreme temperatures that can lock you out of the field for six months of the year. Currency & payment complexities abroad and country specific scheduling delays are also concerns we can help you navigate.

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Global Exploration Tenement Services (GETS) started in Kalgoorlie, the heartland of Australia’s gold mining region. We assist Australian mining companies in managing their mining tenements to keep them in compliance with the Department of Mines and Petroleum. GETS created a turnkey approach that starts with the client’s ideas and assists them into mineral production. Minimising risk and maximising value at the outset with solid strategy assisting them through the project stages to facilitate mediation, meet compliance and ensure proper sequence.

Building productive partnerships and alliances, and assembling very experienced staff into a strong integrated team was an essential cornerstone of our reputation and the success that GETS enjoys today.

Keeping up with the latest government regulations in the industry is critical, as are keeping up with the latest tools and technologies to properly monitor and report on each project, keeping them on track.


Global Exploration Tenement Services (GETS) has been providing mining tenement management services to mining companies in Australia for many years and has also provided advice to Australian companies operating in Mauritania and Senegal to ensure they understand the Mining Statutes and Regulations to maintain their tenements in good standing and compliance.
Our knowledge and experience will assist The Republic of South Sudan (RSS) in setting up systems, protocols and procedures that allow for greater transparency. GETS will train the MPM staff to understand and implement the procedures.

Global Exploration Tenement Services proposes to:

  • Work with the legislated RSS Mining Statutes and regulations to produce a transparent Mining Code
  • Create procedures to enhance a transparency enabling mining companies to secure tenure in RSS
  • Interpret the Mining Statutes and regulations to ensure a robust system is developed which is easy for Ministry of Petroleum and Mining staff to follow.
  • Assisting with the production of an Operating Manual and training materials to ensure proper implementation
  • Produce templates and procedures allowing MPM to track and ensure mining companies have adhered to compliance issues as identified in the Mining Code.
  • Assist in the production of external users Guidelines to communicate departmental requirements for the application for, management of and relinquishment requirements in relation to mining titles in The Republic of South Sudan
  • Liaise with the technicians who build the Cadastre software to ensure that the data accurately reflects the Mining Statutes and Regulations and utilizes the full capabilities of the system to ensure RSS has a world class mining system
  • Train MPM staff to understand the procedures and build an awareness of the requirement of a robust transparent system

This will result in mining companies feeling more secure about investing in The Republic of South Sudan

We are in the unique position. GETS understands what Australian mining companies require to overcome some of the obstacles to their investing in The Republic of South Sudan.  If these obstacles are addressed with the transparent system we plan to establish then RSS will become a more attractive country for exploration activities and ultimately for mining projects.

GETS welcomes the opportunity to use our experience and knowledge of Mining Department systems and mining company requirements for secure tenure; to assist in the establishment of a viable framework; to support a robust transparent system; to produce simple, clear procedures, to enable training of MPM staff and thereby enable The Republic of South Sudan to establish a thriving mining sector.

Africa +

Are your mining assets protected?

If you are exploring or mining in Africa, shouldn’t you protect your assets by securing tenure and ensuring all compliance dates are met? Global Exploration Tenement Services (GETS) can work with you to ensure your African assets are assured, through timely advice and our wide range of proven services.

GETS has extensive knowledge to help you secure your tenure through:

  • An established network of contacts in African Government ministries
  • Proven ability to interpret Mining Acts
  • Ability to interpret Mining Legislation in French and Italian
  • Using a tenement reporting product which suits overseas tenure
  • A commitment to work with clients to achieve all reporting requirements in a timely manner, using Action Alerts to take into account non-standard working weeks and local holidays
  • Interactive tenement, bond and agreement management processes

Mining Tenement Administration

  • Statutory tenement reporting and compliances
  • Coding and Tracking of expenditure on tenements
  • Joint Venture Agreement tenement monitoring and compliance
  • Coverage of multiple jurisdictions

Government Relations

  • Facilitation of regulatory and permitting processes
  • Arranging meetings with relevant ministers and policy makers
  • Provision of Government relations advice

At GETS we are highly experienced in working with multiple jurisdictions and the many mining codes across Africa, no matter what the language.

Our strengths

  • Understanding foreign mining codes, which may be written in another language. Our senior tenement consultant speaks both French and Italian fluently and understands how to interpret mining codes and better advise clients how to stay in compliance.
  • Understanding country-specific complexities:
  • Potential difficulties can arise in accessing tenure areas due to on ground conditions or limited infrastructure.
  • In Mauritania extreme temperatures can lock you out of the field for six months of the year.
  • Program of Works need to be lodged in a timely manner taking into consideration some of these problems.
  • Understanding currencies and forms of payment accepted by African Government departments.
  • Working to office hours in different time zones, understanding when government departments are open and when public holidays and religious and cultural festivals impact on work flow.
  • Willingness to build a solid relationship with African government bodies and help to bring about a greater understanding between them and our clients.
  • GETS has contacts in senior government held positions in Burkina Faso, Zambia and Sierra Leone who we trust to give us good advice.
  • We are consulting with the government of So. Sudan on developing their regulatory infrastructure.
  • Knowledge of community capacity building to strengthen links with local communities.
  • Facilitate introduction to mining training programs.

GETS staff are here to simplify the African tenement process for you. We think of the things a busy mining or exploration company might miss. Tenements are our specialty and we are committed to providing the best service possible.

GETS Guarantee

Our Personal Guarantee to You

We promise to deliver a precise and comprehensive service based on a foundation of integrity.We take pride in how we do business. With strong values and scrupulous attention to detail, GETS will keep your holdings in good standing and progress your projects to mining sooner.When ‘best possible standing’ is all that matters to you,choose GETS to deliver excellent tenement management services,providing you with security, statutory compliance and ultimately, profitability.