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  • Annual Environmental Report
    The DMP Minerals Environment Branch requires all Mining Tenements to have an Annual Environmental Report (AER) submitted each year. The AER should provide a concise outline of the project operations, mine site environmental management and rehabilitation work undertaken in the … Continue reading
  • Combined Reports
    Combined Reports – The holder(s) of, or agent for, a group of granted tenements may apply for Ministerial approval, in accordance with Section 115A(4), to submit one combined annual mineral exploration report on a common date for a group of … Continue reading
  • Exemption from Drop-off of Exploration Licences
    Exemption from Drop-off of Exploration Licences The principle of the compulsory drop-off provision at the end of years 3 and 4 for pre 10 February 2006 licences and for 6th year deferrals for post 10 February 2006 licences is that … Continue reading
  • Expenditure Exemption
    Expenditure Exemption An application for a certificate of exemption under section 102 shall be made in the form No. 18 in the First Schedule and lodged at the office of the mining registrar with the prescribed fee Reasons for Exemption … Continue reading
  • Expenditure Reports
    Expenditure Reports Refer Mining Regulation 22 After tenement has been granted for 1 year an Expenditure Report (Form 5) is required to be submitted to Department of Mines and Petroleum (DMP) every year thereafter. The reports required under section 68(3) … Continue reading
  • Exploration Licence
    Exploration Licence An exploration licence permits exploration over a much larger area of land for a much longer period than a prospecting licence. The holder of an exploration licence is authorized to enter land for the purpose of exploration for … Continue reading
  • Extension of Term of Exploration Licence
    Extension of Term of Exploration Licence Under Section 61(2) of the Mining Act the holder of an Exploration Licence may apply to the Minister to extend the term of the licence beyond its initial 5 year term if satisfied that … Continue reading
  • Forfeiture Notices
    Forfeiture Notices Tenements get listed for forfeiture when they are late meeting compliance i.e. paying rent on time, lodging expenditure reports late, not lodging mineral exploration reports etc. For the first two offences the Warden is likely to impose a … Continue reading
  • Forfeiture Notices – Prospecting tenements
    Forfeiture Notices – Prospecting tenements Unlike other forfeiture hearings for Prospecting Licences and Miscellaneous Licences which are heard and determined by the Warden for same Mineral Field in open court, Warden at that time determines to either fine or forfeit … Continue reading
  • Mining Lease
    Mining Lease Refer Mining Regulation 24 A mining lease is the appropriate tenement for the development of and production from, an ore body discovered by prospecting or exploration. The maximum area for a mining lease applied for before 10/02/2006 is … Continue reading
  • Native Title Advertising Notification
    Native Title Advertising Notification Prior to a tenement being granted the DMP Tenure and Native Title branch will send out a Native Title Advertising Notification, once the 4 month objection period is closed and no objections have been received the … Continue reading
  • Partial Surrender of Exploration Licence
    Partial Surrender of Exploration Licence At the end of both the third and fourth year of its term, the licensee is required to surrender 50% of the licence. For a licence applied for and granted after 10.02.2006, the surrender requirement … Continue reading

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