GETS was born as Goldfields Exploration Tenement Services and originally started in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia several years ago. There was a need for a turnkey approach that starts with the client’s ideas and assists them into mineral production. Minimising risk and maximising value at the onset with solid strategy and then through the project stages to facilitate mediation, meet compliance and insure proper sequence.

Building productive partnerships and alliances and assembling the very experienced staff into a strong integrated team was an essential element of the reputation and the success GETS enjoys today. With the onset of our extension overseas, we have recently established a presence in Perth and we are now Global Exploration Tenement Services.

Keeping up with the latest government regulations in the industry is critical, as are keeping up with the latest tools in technology so that we can properly track and report on each project. Mindful of this, we have also launched a new web presence.

Respecting where we come from and who are clients are was a large part of the design element in our new site and brand. Our tag line “Get mining sooner” says what our company creed is. Our colours were selected to pay homage to nickel and gold while the site background is a graphic representation of local geological strata. The cart in our logo and the miner icons are a strong and simple imagery of the origins of modern day mining production. We have chosen clean precision to overlay state of the art delivery.